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DIY Advent Calendar – Envelope Project

‘Tis the season to get crafting! Advent calendars are a necessary part of celebrating the holiday season in many homes, so what better way to decorate than to make one that’s completely your own? Advent calendars made up of envelopes are quickly increasing in popularity, and, as people who love envelopes…we totally see why. Rather than a different chocolate every day, our DIY Advent Calendar encourages a different holiday-themed suggestion or activity. Saving calories and crafting with envelopes? We’re on board.

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Client Spotlight: North Detail

When you offer a wide variety of products and services it’s always interesting to see the order combinations our customers come up with. When Ariel Nathan of North Detail sent us over her site’s project, “Best Day Ever”, it definitely stood out as someone using the full range of our products to create something unique. Ariel used a 6×9 Booklet Envelope in Vintage Plum with White Ink Printing and addressing, #17 Mini Envelopes in Vintage Plum, and #17 Mini Folded Cards in White Linen with North Detail’s custom typeface printed. Ariel definitely used a full range of sizes, shapes, colors, textures and printing options to her advantage. Read below to find out more about this awesome project and Ariel’s company.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Company Holiday Mailings

No matter what holidays your clients celebrate, it’s nice to let them know you’re thinking of them. Not only does it strengthen the connection between you and the people who keep your business afloat – and is therefore a solid marketing move – it’s simply a thoughtful thing to do. Unfortunately, company holiday mailings have become a bit ubiquitous. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have to be a little more creative than usual. Luckily we’re here to offer 5 awesome products in our Holiday Shop that will help you improve your company holiday mailings.

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Our Favorite Instagram Accounts Featuring Stationery

We love great design, and even more so when it’s on stationery.

Everyone in the Envelopes office has favorite social accounts, blogs and designers they follow for inspiration, ideas and to simply look at beautiful stationery design. For your viewing pleasure, here are 5 Instagram accounts our Envelopes.com staff are addicted to.

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Project Spotlight – Oddball Press

One of the best parts of being on the Enveloeps.com team is seeing so many amazing customer designs and artwork on our products. We hang samples on the walls, pin them to our cubicles and have piles of our favorite printed stationery on our desks. What gets us even more excited is noticing distinct artwork come out of the press room and instantly know it’s from one of our favorite past customers. This happened last week when we saw these amazing envelopes and knew right away they were from Oddball Press.

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Envelopes.com DIY Invitation Suite Builder

Envelopes.com’s easy-to-use DIY Builder guides you through assembling unique invitation suites, available in both petal and pocket folds. The intuitive builder makes creativity effortless.

Begin the custom-building process by selecting A7 petal or A7 pocket folds as your base. Either option is sure to impress guests, serving as a beautiful, functional solution for keeping all enclosures in place. The petal and pocket folds are made of imported, top-quality 80lb. stock, and are offered in over 20 bold colors.

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Color of the Year – A Rich, Earthy Red

Garnet is named for a red gemstone with deep warm tones that sparkle with soft light. This red is not quite as bright or “pink” as ruby and has more depth than the basic primary color red. The red color family reminds us of warmth, home and hearth, energy, confidence, health, and love. Generally speaking reds are one of the most loved colors around the world, no wonder one of its beautiful shades has been chosen as the “it” color for 2015!

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Project 27: The Project of the Month

Project 27 is represented by Brittanie Richardson, Founder and Director of the solidarity movement of Art and Abolition. A collective of women from diverse backgrounds, they strive to heal young girls forced into the sex slave trade in Kenya. They believe that “slavery is not OK” and attempt to restore justice to these children and their communities.

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Life of Ryley – Customer Spotlight

Life of Ryley offers general goods for pets and owners, offering everything a pet owner would need. Primarily servicing New York City, their focus is on a high-end product line, driven by design. Eileen Cuneo, the top dog and President of Life of Ryley, gave us further insight into their products and relationships.

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