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Tax Info – Just In Time!

 Tax Info – Important Dates, To-Dos and More!     Tax Info – you can never know enough! Companies are wrapping up one fiscal year and planning for the next. This is a great time to prepare your statements for the upcoming tax season. All individual filers know the drill and the deadline- April 15th. […]


Valentines Day – 9 Fun Facts

Valentines Day – 9 Fun Facts Valentines Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. It is a time to tell someone you love how much you appreciate and cherish them. It’s also a time to tell your crush how you really feel. Although the holiday is right around the corner, you still have […]

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Kathleen Bolin

Employee Spotlight Shines Bright on Kathleen Bolin! would like to shine the spotlight on Kathleen Bolin as this quarter’s Employee Spotlight. Kathleen works as a PrePress Specialist in the PrePress Department. The PrePress Department is responsible for handling the initial specifics of orders placed online through the website. After preparing the aesthetics of envelopes, […]

Press Release


ENVELOPES.COM: TAX ENVELOPES AVAILABLE IN BOLD NEW COLORS! January 14, 2015 – AMITYVILE, NY- Recently announced that its already extensive inventory of tax envelopes envelopes would be expanding even more to include brand new, vibrant color options. Tax Season is upon us and is making sure they are fully stocked with all of […]