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“Keep it Real”… What’s the Deal?

What’s in a catch phrase? Recently Envelopes.com decided to incorporate a snappy one into their company philosophy and collateral. And, after considering several mottos, “Keep It Real” was selected.

According to Envelopes.com president Seth Newman, “Keep It Real is urging our customers to embrace the tangible, personal, and effective form of communication that envelopes provide.  The personal engagement starts with the envelope. The color, texture, weight, shape, graphics or printed message all work together to share the sender’s intentions and that is just not possible with other forms of communication. An envelope is not just carrying the message, it is part of it.”  Newman acknowledges while the Internet has changed the way we communicate, there is still a need to utilize other methods. “Society has moved towards electronic communications because of their speed and ease, and we are all for that, we use it every day in our business. But it’s not the only way, and definitely not the best way for every message to be communicated.”

Laura Santos, the company’s new Marketing Manager, offers her own take on Keep It Real. “It’s our purpose — a calling for those of us within the company — and to our customers. “We want to give customers the ability to have a personal touch with attention to detail from our staff and also in their own their mailings.”  While the company now has an online, e-commerce focus, there are still real people, providing real service behind the scenes at Envelopes.com. While cyberspace can seem a bit impersonal at times, Envelopes.com, strives to Keep it Real in their business practices.

Often used to convey “be yourself,”  “keep life interesting,”  “enjoy life,”  “keep up the good work” or “be cool,” the saying Keep it Real may  seem a bit slang or “street.” However, it is modern, and Envelopes.com considers itself a modern company that does business the way people want to do business today.  “Selling an offline, traditional product in a modern online way is somewhat of a contradiction, but we are keeping it real by helping our customers utilize this important medium,” Newman adds.

The catch phrase fits well with Envelopes.com’s dedication to being accessible to their customers and to create appealing, eye-catching envelopes and products that elicit memorable and lasting impressions. And that’s about as real as it gets!

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