Quick Response Codes

Is it a maze? Is it retro art? Is it a secret code? Well, the latter actually comes closest. But it’s no secret that we’ve all been seeing these odd looking black and white patterned squares popping up all over the place. They’re called Quick Response codes (QR codes) and they are the next wave […]

About Us

Core Values: Getting Right to the Core…

New Core Values for Envelopes.com Last month when discussing his New Year’s Resolutions, Seth Newman, president of Envelopes.com noted, “We have also established our company’s core values and they are Head and Heart, Find a Way, Continually Improve, Pride in Presentation, and Ask the question.” We wanted to share more details on these guiding principles […]


Postal Increases in April?

The United States Postal Service has proposed a rate increase for First Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Media Mail services effective April 17, 2011. Additionally, the USPS will introduce Single-Piece Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Prices for First Class Packages, and has announced changes for First Class International service as well. The proposed new rates […]


Using Direct Mail to Build Your Brand

Naturally, we all want a specific and immediate response when we send out direct mail — and while creating compelling offer helps us towards this end — there are other desirable effects achievable via our mailings that should not be overlooked.  These encompass increasing awareness, positioning your brand, and/or enhancing its image. It is essential […]