Employee Focus: Theresa Gerardi

Customer Service Manager Theresa Gerardi has been with Envelopes.com since September 2008, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our customer service department.

Prior to joining our organization, she spent 14 years at a Long Island based online food company, first as a customer service representative and later managing the department for 5 years before leaving her post due to the economic downturn.

With her extensive customer service background, Theresa was a natural fit for Envelopes.com where her responsibilities include assuring that all customer service calls and emails are handled with utmost care and professionalism. She also trains new customer service reps and focuses on helping her team “get the best out of themselves.” How so? She explains, “I believe in leading by example and we all work very hard side by side with one goal: we want our customer smiling on the other end of the phone when they hang up.”

“I like many aspects of my job,” says Theresa, “but Number 1 is helping people. So often our customers are coming to us for invitations and envelopes, for major celebrations in their lives… weddings, showers, bar mitzvahs, birthdays… it’s a honor to be a small part of that.” Theresa loves to hear about what our customers are planning to do with the products they purchase from us, “whether it is a bride or groom…yes, groom,” she adds.  She cites that we have “very creative customers” including individuals who use our products to create their own invitations as well as business people who might opt for brightly colored envelopes for a unique marketing campaign.

“We have a sample wall filled with samples of all the envelopes and paper we carry… beautiful colors. It’s one of my favorite places in the building,” notes Theresa, who, beyond our inventory, appreciates the positive work environment we strive for here. “I feel fortunate to be working for a company that is growing and evolving with new products and services all the time.  There is a real teamwork attitude at Envelopes.com; departments take pride in their work, individuals take pride in their jobs and all of us have the same goal to provide quality service and products to our most important asset, our customers. The future here at Envelopes.com is filled with excitement,” she remarks.

As if she’s not handling paper products quite enough during business hours, for fun and relaxation Theresa enjoys scrapbooking and making her own greeting cards. “I’ve been doing so for many years. I love capturing those special family moments and love working with paper,” she says. Her favorite scrapbooking subjects? “My two lovely granddaughters Abigail 1 and Caroline 9 months old. They are so use to Nana with a camera in her hand, they’ll stop and pose for me on cue, which makes for very adorable pictures.”

Theresa’s creative pursuits and appreciation of paper and envelopes certainly evoke a genuine enthusiasm for our products as well as a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs.

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