Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes come in many sizes and styles. The most common business envelope is the #10 envelope, sometimes referred to as a "legal envelope". Business Envelopes are used for many types of business related uses, such as mailing letters, brochures, checks, sending a catalog, etc. All of the business envelopes in these categories are available PRINTED or PLAIN.

Styles Available in Business Envelopes

  • Open End Envelopes

    Open End Envelopes

    Open End Envelopes, also called Catalog Envelopes have the flap on the...

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  • Booklet Envelopes

    Booklet Envelopes

    Booklet envelopes have the flap on the longer side of the envelope. Th...

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  • Document


    Safeguard important documents! When you can’t or shouldn’t fold the c...

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