While direct mail services may be portrayed as archaic by those in the email marketing industry, it isn’t true by any means. In fact, since direct mail physically enters the homes of potential customers, the chances of people opening your letter or notecard is increased. This opposes the feel of cold emails, which can easily be labeled as spam and deleted. There are a number of benefits for direct mail services that we can help you take advantage of for your next marketing campaign.

Personal Feel

Your marketing campaign is brought into the household with bills, the newspaper, and other letters. If the look and message of your outer envelope is well-designed, it will entice the potential customer to open your letter to see what you’re all about. The attention to detail and how you speak to the customer matters. The personal feel of a physical piece of mail is something an email cannot match. Something in the home is less easily forgotten than an email, which is what you can use to your advantage.

Highly Targeted

Because you choose where direct mail is sent, you can quickly learn much about the area where existing and potential customers live. From age and gender, to income and interests, you can assess these factors to tailor and fine tune your campaign. This will also allow you to evaluate the success rate.

Foster and Grow Lines of Communication

If you earn the loyalty of customers, foster that relationship with direct mail. No matter what your business is, offering some type of incentive is key. Whether it’s coupons, birthday gifts, exclusive offers, or even announcements that haven’t been released to the general public yet, direct mail is a perfect opportunity to make your customers feel like they’re a part of your team.

Simpler Analytics

With direct mail, you can easily measure how people have responded to your campaigns through phone calls, coupons used, or memberships started. Sometimes, old school analytics are still the best way to measure. Knowing the numbers here will allow you to determine who to follow up with. Since you’ve already sent them mail, a follow up will not be unwarranted and may even be welcomed.

How to Get Started

At Envelopes.com, we love helping people get started with their direct mail marketing campaigns. With our direct mail services, you can choose between three different product options. Each offers genuine value and the opportunity for a great call to action.

8.5×11 Letter & Envelope

In this option, you may opt for one of four layouts that helps you decide where you’d like the address to go: separate page, front page, back page, or picture and address on the front page. From here, you will also choose print color, paper color, print option, and the number of pages.

Flat Notecard & Envelope

A 4 ¼”x5 ½” notecard is used in this option that is single-sided. Here, you’ll choose print and paper color, print option, and number of pages. This is a perfect opportunity for a knockout graphic.

Folded Notecard & Envelope

The 4 ¼”x5 ½” notecard in this option is double-sided, allowing you to say even more to the customer. Once you choose your print and paper color, print option, and number of pages, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

Please note that quoted prices include postage, printing, and mailing services! Once you select your specifications, you will be directed to upload the file you’d like to use with your direct mail. This could be a business logo, pre-written text, or a complete image.