Vibrant, Custom Envelopes For Gift Giving

The slogan for the Oregon State Lottery is, “Together We Do Good Things”, which not only applies to the nature and education beneficiaries of the program, but is also true about the custom envelopes they created with us. Scratch-Off lottery tickets are always a fun gift, but for this holiday season they took it a step further than just holiday themed scratch off tickets. They are giving out these great looking custom envelopes to hold their “Scratch-It’ lottery tickets, so you can put the finishing touch on giving the gift of chance. Our custom order team worked hard on this order with the Oregon State Lottery and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only do the envelopes use great looking holiday designs, but they’re also incredibly useful.


These two outstanding envelope designs were created by Luis, an internal graphic artist who works at the Oregon State Lottery. Both designs are printed on custom #11 Envelopes (#11 sized envelopes measure 4 ½ x 10 ⅜ ), use diagonal seam construction and feature a standard back flap. There’s a red and off-white envelope which features holiday season flora and a navy envelope with a colorful  holiday ornaments design. Each envelope contains a “to” and “from” personalization form on the back to make gift giving easy. Several tickets can fit inside each envelope, which are available wherever Oregon State Lottery Scratch-it tickets are sold.

The red and off-white envelope features a brush style font that reads, “Oh What Fun” inside a festive red frame with green accents. This design also features holiday flora like poinsettias, acorns, holly leaves and berries in matching shades of red, green and brown.


The navy envelope features text that reads, “Joy”, also in a brushed font, surrounded by a white frame with holiday themed accents. This envelope also features an ornaments design in shades or red, pink, orange and blue, as well as white shining stars. The back flap is a contrasting light blue color and this envelope also contains a similar gift giving form and the other envelope.


To print this full bleed design (“full bleed” is a printing term for a design that covers the edges of an envelope, and continues onto the other side), the envelopes were first printed as flat paper. After printing, they were then cut and converted into envelopes. A moistenable glue strip was then added on the inside of each back flap for proper sealing.

If you live outside of Oregon and feel inspired by these designs, you can incorporate some of the design elements into your own holiday gift giving ideas.

The “Oh What Fun” envelope is a great example if subtlety. It uses a variety of understated flora with holiday connotations like poinsettia, acorns, sticks, holly leaves and berries as sort of a deconstructed holiday wreath. The natural color of these items are red, green and brown, which lends well to the holiday theme.

poinsettia _envelope

The “Joy” envelope is a great example if you’re looking to “do something a little different” this year. It uses a classic holiday item like ornaments to stick with the holiday theme, but incorporates a non-traditional color scheme to stand out. This envelope mixes several primary colors, but makes sure to match the tones so they go well together.


You can find these envelopes wherever Oregon State Lottery Scratch It Tickets are sold, or order your own custom envelopes today.