Dan and Dave Buck are twins, magicians, and entrepreneurs who recently parlayed their way into the world of fashion. The LA based brothers have just launched a t-shirt line after years of building a magic-based empire that includes a successful ecommerce site, a popular annual magician’s conference, and now magic-inspired fashions.

In the days prior to their late April t-shirt launch, we were able to connect with Dan Buck to learn more about what drives he and his brother in their business endeavors… and how Envelopes.com has added a little magic to their efforts as well.

Q: How did you go from magic to a clothing line? Is there any fashion in your background?

DB: Magic has always been an avenue to explore our creativity. From the start, we were never really inspired by other magicians, but rather music videos, architecture and fashion, or simply design. In this way, we developed a unique style and eventually helped spawn an entirely new art form, Cardistry. Our passion for magic continued and eventually evolved into a business. However, our company is no different than our magic and we’re always envisioning new products that will push the art forward.

We have no formal training as fashion designers; however, we have always appreciated good design and know exactly what we like. Our inspiration comes from design and can be seen through our card flourishes.

We avoid tradition and take risks. It keeps it interesting and fresh. This approach is applied to most of what we do – and we’re interested in many things.

Q: Who is actually designing the clothing?

DB: Well, it starts with an idea and then one of us will sketch out the concept.  However, since neither of us can draw, we’ll search for the right artist. We then act as the art director. For now, it’s just printed work. In the future though, we’d love to design a line from the ground up.

Q: Can you tell us about the style you’re evoking with your line?

DB: We’re very casual guys and enjoy being comfortable. A t-shirt and jeans with sandals is our daily attire. For now, our shirts will have this casual quality to them. The designs won’t be lavish and are certainly not for making a statement. However, because they’re designed with our market in mind, they will hint upon magic’s rich and visual culture.

Q: Who do you envision wearing your clothes?

DB: Our line will definitely attract magicians. However, anyone with an interest in the visual culture and magic and playing cards will appreciate the designs. We can also see poker players wearing some of playing card themed shirts.

Q: What do you find most exciting about starting your own clothing line? What inspired you?

DB: It’s always exciting to explore uncharted territory. We’ve never done anything like this before and can’t wait to see how it turns out. If anything, we have a bunch of shirts we love and will wear, but obviously we hope they sell.

We’ve always been interested in fashion and have wanted a clothing line for a long time now. Yeah, they’re just shirts, but our magic business started with a simple manuscript so we know if we keep at it, something great might come.

Q: Is 52 Leagues the name of the new clothing line? What does it represent?

DB: 52 Leagues is the name of a particular shirt design. The title was inspired by the Jules Verne classic with the spade and “52” contributing to our obsession for playing cards.

Q: As brothers, how has it been working together?

DB: We honestly don’t know any differently. We’ve always been side-by-side in all our endeavors and pretty much share all the same interests and have the same taste. Of course we have arguments and disagree on the small things, but in the end, we always settle on the best possible solution for us. We know what we like, and even though sometimes it’s a battle getting there, we always do.  The biggest advantage we have as twins is the ability for our minds to cognitively collaborate. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s true. We just know, whether it’s a disagreement or triumph, what each of us is thinking.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with Envelopes.com?

DB: We often receive requests for autographed playing cards. This is a service we enjoy offering and even went as far as printing a bunch of custom autograph cards a few years ago. We pay attention to detail in everything we do and found Envelopes.com as a great source for small envelops and cards we can nicely package the autograph in. Depending on the season, we change up the color.

When brainstorming ideas for packaging our new clothing line, we knew we wanted to do something different but also not cumbersome that could possibly increase shipping charges. We noticed the custom printing service offered by Envelopes.com and knew it would be a great idea. Not only would our shirts pack small and stay clean, it would complement the content inside and just add to the overall experience.

Q: What is your favorite project with us to date?

DB: Our favorite project with Envelopes.com is definitely the envelopes we had printed for our t-shirts. We didn’t know how it would work at first, but once we received the sample, we knew we scored. It looks great!

Q: Is there anything else you want people to know about any of your business endeavors?

DB: Our primary endeavor is to have fun doing what we love. Our company, Dan and Dave Industries, is really a playground for the two of us. We do what we want!  We love working though and are proud to be recognized as a leader in the industry. Our website, www.dananddave.com curates over three hundred of the finest Books, DVDs, and On Demand training videos available, many of which we produced. If you are interested in learning magic, this is the place!  We also organize Magic-Con, an annual conference for magicians held in California. The event brings together the greatest magicians in the world for a fun weekend of talks, lectures and performances.

For more details about Dan and Dave, magic, tee shirts and more, visit www.dananddave.com.