With so many envelope options to choose from, it may be difficult to choose the very best ones for your specific need. You may be sending out invoices for your business or organizing your files in a way that calls for color-coordinated envelopes. Maybe you’re an artist looking for reliable envelopes to send your photos and prints in. You could be getting married and are looking for quality papers and envelopes for your invitations. No matter the project, dimensions or color requirements, our expansive selection of envelopes has what you’re looking for, even if you aren’t quite sure what exactly it is you need. This guide will point you to the envelopes you need to comfortably and securely store or ship your mailings.

Business Envelopes

If you’re mailing invoices, proposals, or other business-related correspondence, then you’ll need business envelopes. The #10 regular envelopes are known as the legal size, which are perfect for holding 8 1/2×11 folded sheets of paper. Many of these feature clear plastic or open windows on the envelope face to properly display your recipient’s address. Other business envelopes have security tinted interiors, which help protect sensitive information for account numbers, personal phone numbers, and more. We even offer full face window envelopes, which will show whatever information you’d like before the recipient opens your letter. There are many sizes and styles in this collection for different types of mailing material. You can even choose from different flap styles, like our square flap envelopes, which could be a great addition should you wish to modernize your business.

Mini Envelopes

The best things coming small envelopes. Mini Envelopes offer a stylish charm that will fit all your small gifting needs perfectly. Whether you’re storing or shipping gift cards, small greeting cards, place cards, samples, or personal notes, these envelopes will add a modern flair to your contents. The #17 minis are a very popular choice among our customers, as well as the #1 coin envelopes. If you’re searching for very small envelopes, these
2 1/4×3 1/2 envelopes are a great fit for house keys, seeds, stones, jewelry, business cards, and more. Credit card sleeve envelopes are the ideal fit for your gift cards, hotel key cards and other standard sized cards. These are wonderful for businesses and personal use, especially around the holiday season. In more than 25 unique colors, you’ll be able to easily find the right colors for your needs. Explore all the various mini envelope styles and sizes Envelopes.com has to offer.

Invitation Envelopes

Don’t settle for plain envelopes for your invitations to your special event – make them bold and beautiful. Our selection of invitation envelopes offers excellent options to dress up your invitations for birthdays, holiday gatherings, weddings, fundraisers, and other celebrations. A7 invitation envelopes is the most popular social envelope, and comes in a variety of back flap styles in more than 100 colors. These measure 5 1/4×7 1/4, making them ideal for any invite. We also offer square and contour flap envelopes, both of which have a modern, sleek design. Should you be sending out family portraits, house them in our photo greeting invitation envelopes with LUX lining. This shimmery foil lines the interior of the envelopes, giving your photos a beautiful presentation.

Square Envelopes

Put style first with our square envelope collection, featuring an assortment of sizes, colors, and flap styles. The square design evokes balance and symmetry, making them appealing options for your invitations, letters, cards, and more. We also feature square contour flap envelopes which have the square body, but a deep V-shaped flap. These sophisticated envelopes are great for wedding invitations, galas, corporate events, and other types of elegant celebrations.

Specialty Envelopes

What you’re mailing may be something that requires a special envelope. These can sometimes be hard to find, especially when you’re in a rush. We carry a large variety of specialty envelopes for W2s, tickets, packing slips, and more. We also have options for airmail, first class, and even currency. If you need a material that is tougher, we offer Tyvek envelopes. As a lightweight material, Tyvek is a top choice for transporting bulky and uneven items. It’s also moisture, puncture, and tear-resistant. If you need to ship specialty items, we have you covered.