We love great design, and even more so when it’s on stationery.

Everyone in the Envelopes.com office has favorite social accounts, blogs and designers they follow for inspiration, ideas and to simply look at beautiful stationery design. For your viewing pleasure, here are 5 Instagram accounts our Envelopes.com staff is addicted to. 



Oh So Beautiful Paper – @beautifulpaper


Whitney Grekin, Ecommerce Marketing Manager 

As a self-proclaimed stationery-junkie, Oh So Beautiful Paper is one of my absolute favorite resources. The Instagram and blog are filled with amazing design tips, the latest trends and unique DIY projects. I often times find myself binge-reading several posts and fan-girling over the beautifully showcased stationery projects <3. I highly recommend Oh So Beautiful Paper to anyone interested in stationery, invitations and DIY projects in general!




Lark + Raven – @larknraven


Ashley, Product Manager 

I was first introduced to Lark + Raven at the 2015 National Stationery Show. Ali Macdonald’s (the owner & designer for Lark + Raven) irreverent humor and designs make her Insta feed and Etsy shop one of the more unique virtual store fronts in the Stationery market place. Be on the look out for brightly color saturated greeting cards, peppered with witty puns. 




Green Wedding Shoes – @greenweddingshoes


Vickie, Marketing Coordinator

I love Green Wedding Shoes because it’s a great source of design inspiration and I admire their dedication to aesthetics. It’s always exciting to me to see stationery and decor that are full of personality and unique design. GWS celebrates making weddings special and personalized, and consistently features amazing photographers, vendors, and artists.




Steel Bison/Sam Larson – @samlarson


Ian, Marketing Coordinator

My favorite is Steel Bison/Sam Larson. His work has a really strong American Frontier and nature aesthetic combined with modern design elements. I like how detailed the designs are and some of them remind me of double exposure photography. The Instagram account features artwork on card stock, letterpress prints, some photography, and even previews of projects and ideas that he’s working on (he also makes really great t-shirts). 




Lady Fingers Letterpress – @ladyfingersletterpress


Caitlin, Customer Service Team

The ladies of Ladyfingers Letterpress are super cool and super talented — after meeting them at the National Stationery Show in May, I immediately followed them on Instagram and have been trying to figure out whether they can hand-letter everything in my life, even if it’s just a grocery list. Can you imagine receiving one of their witty card designs or their beautiful, inspired invitations in the mail? (Check out the laser-cut 40th birthday invite that assembles into a real, flying toy airplane!) The craftsmanship and care that goes into every item is abundantly apparent!