Practical Ways You Can Use a Paper Clip

Are you ever jealous of those really handy, practical people that can fix any problem? You know, your neighbor who built his deck, fixed your TV, and manually replaced his old iPhone screen? Well now you too can become a handyman just from using paper clips! Here I will detail a few practical things to do with a paper clip.

Zipper Pull

Whoa, whoa! Don't throw out your sweatshirt or bag just because the zipper broke! Throw a paperclip on there and BAM! Good as new.

Light bulb/ceiling fan string extender

Why do so many light bulbs and ceiling fans have strings tailored for giants? Have no fear! With a few paper clips, you can fashion a chain link to attach to your abnormally short ceiling fan string. Remember, you don't have to use standard, metallic paper clips for this project. Get creative by using some awesome, color paper clips or even some Papercloops!

Money Clip

Paper clip money clip > wallet.
Why? Because when you lose your wallet, you lose all your cards, pictures, money, etc. When you lose this money clip, you lose 40 bucks and a piece of scrap metal.

Letter Opener

If you don't have a cute rabbit to open your letters, then just use a paper clip! Don't bother spending money on a fancy knife letter opener. If you want to open letters quickly and efficiently (without having to come into contact with someone else's dried spit), use a good old' fashioned paper clip.

Ornament Hook

What good is a Christmas tree ornament if you can't hang it? Let's make a strong assumption that many of your ornaments have either broken or changed in some way throughout their years, and years, and years of existence. Through it all, you still want to hang them right?! So stockpile some paper clips along with your ornaments to ensure their place on the tree.

Practical things to do with a paper clip - honorable mentions:

Make a bookmark, hang pictures, repair eyeglasses, and even make a belt holder.

In the end, these practical uses for a simple paper clip can save the day in unexpected ways. Whether it's rescuing a broken zipper, extending a light bulb chain, or serving as a makeshift money clip, this unassuming office supply has a knack for coming to the rescue. So, the next time you find yourself in a pinch or just feeling a bit creative, remember the versatile paper clip – your handy, pocket-sized problem solver for life's little challenges. And don't forget those honorable mentions; you never know when they might come in handy too!


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