1 1/4 x 3 Labels

Dive into the versatility of Envelopes.com's 1 1/4 x 3 inch rectangle labels, tailored for diverse applications across both personal and professional settings. These labels come in a variety of styles, including White Window Decal options that provide a pristine and unobtrusive look on transparent surfaces, ideal for aesthetic coherence. For handwriting needs, the White Matte labels offer a perfect canvas for clear, smudge-free writing, enhancing readability and neatness. For those seeking an element of sophistication, the Matte Gold and Matte Silver Foil labels are perfect, adding a durable and attractive metallic finish to any labeling project. Additionally, Clear and Silver outdoor weather-resistant labels ensure longevity and robust performance under tough environmental conditions, making them perfect for outdoor or high-wear applications. Some labels also feature easy peel backs, facilitating swift and easy application, ideal for detailed labeling on storage boxes, office supplies, or custom merchandise, effectively combining functionality with a polished appearance.

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