2 Inch Round Labels

Explore the versatility and elegance of Envelopes.com's 2-inch Standard and Weatherproof Round Labels, perfectly sized for a myriad of uses. Whether you are branding your latest products, adding a polished closure to your correspondence, or injecting a personal touch into event decor, these labels offer the ideal blend of discretion and impact. Available in an array of finishes including the sophisticated shimmer of Gold Polyester, the pristine transparency of Clear Film, and the understated sheen of Silver Dull, each variant enhances your presentation with a refined aesthetic. Conveniently packaged in rolls, these labels facilitate easy storage and application, streamlining your operations and adding a seamless elegance to every piece they adorn. The variety in this collection, featuring options like White Window and Neon Colors for vivid communication, or Matte Gold and Silver Foils for understated luxury, ensures that every need is met with style.

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