2 x 5 Labels

Experience the tailored craftsmanship of Envelopes.com’s 2 x 5 inch rectangle labels, engineered for durability and exceptional style. These labels are available in various finishes to perfectly balance functionality with aesthetic appeal. Choose White Matte for a readily writable surface, ideal for quick notes and labels, or opt for the sophisticated touch of Matte Gold and Silver Foil finishes to elevate your project’s presentation. For labels that need to withstand outdoor conditions, our Weatherproof options in Clear, Silver, Light Gold, or White are perfect, all featuring Easy Peel backing for quick and easy application. Customize your endeavors with our Tear Resistant High Gloss Film labels, offering both durability and a polished look. These labels are versatile enough for labeling wide-ranging products, organizing storage solutions, or shipping packages, providing ample space and adaptability to suit your varied needs.

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