2 x 6 Labels

Ensure consistent reliability and style in your labeling with Envelopes.com’s 2 x 6 inch labels, meticulously designed for both professional and personal use. Available in an array of finishes including White Matte for everyday labeling, luxurious Matte Gold and Silver Foil for a touch of elegance, and durable Tear Resistant High Gloss Film for long-lasting use. Our Weatherproof labels in Clear, Silver, Light Gold, and White are ideal for labels exposed to outdoor elements, while the Easy Peel backing allows for simple and quick application. For those seeking labels that truly stand out, our Neon options in Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Green ensure visibility and flair. Whether organizing office supplies, labeling products for sale, or managing file systems, these labels offer the perfect combination of space, durability, and aesthetic appeal, adapting seamlessly to any labeling task.

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