3 1/4 x 5 Labels

Envelopes.com’s 3 1/4 x 5 inch labels redefine organization and shipping with their stunning range of finishes and vibrant hues. Stand out with the Neon Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Green for bright, fun labeling that commands attention. Go timeless with the White Matte finish for clear, professional labeling, or add a luxurious twist with the Matte Gold and Silver Foil finishes. For outdoor applications, the Clear or Silver Weather-Resistant labels provide unparalleled durability, ensuring your labels stay intact under any weather conditions. Perfect for mailing, window decals, or product labeling, these labels will bring your creativity to life with their tear-resistant high-gloss film layer or durable metallic options. The easy-peel adhesive backing makes them a breeze to apply, ensuring every message is delivered with flair and reliability.

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