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Envelopes.com’s 3 x 5 inch labels offer a versatile solution for your labeling needs. Choose from an array of vibrant neon colors including Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Green for eye-catching labels that stand out. The White Matte finish is ideal for handwriting, while Matte Gold and Silver Foil finishes provide an elegant touch. Clear Window and White Window Decal Removable labels are perfect for temporary applications, and Clear Outdoor Weather Resistant labels guarantee durability in any condition. Light Gold and Silver outdoor labels, alongside the Tear Resistant High Gloss Film Layer and White Glossy labels, offer polished solutions for high-visibility labeling. Whether for mailing, organizing, or branding, these labels meet every requirement with style. The easy peel feature and high-quality finishes ensure they perform well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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