3 x 6 Labels

Opt for Envelopes.com’s 3 x 6 inch labels for versatile labeling solutions with a splash of color. Neon Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Green offer vibrant options that are perfect for adding a bright, eye-catching element to your projects. The White Matte finish provides a clean slate suitable for handwriting, making it ideal for notes, addresses, or organizational tasks. Matte Gold and Silver Foil finishes add a touch of sophistication, perfect for upscale product labeling or event decorations. Clear Outdoor Weather Resistant labels ensure your labels withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor use. Light Gold and Silver Outdoor Weather Resistant labels, along with the Tear Resistant High Gloss Film Layer labels, ensure your branding shines in all conditions. White Window and Clear Window Decal Removable labels, alongside White Glossy labels, provide polished results with a touch of flair, making these labels ideal for any project requiring visibility and impact. The easy peel feature enhances the user experience, ensuring that application is quick and hassle-free.

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