Embrace a natural and rustic feel with Envelopes.com’s Texture Labels, featuring a distinctive Brown Kraft finish and a unique Natural White Hemp option. The Brown Kraft labels offer a charming, earthy look, ideal for eco-friendly businesses, artisanal products, or special occasions. With sizes like 3 1/3 x 4-inch Shipping Labels, 2 x 4-inch Address Labels, and 8 1/2 x 11-inch Full Sheets, these labels cater to all needs, from organizing to packaging and branding. The Large Brown Kraft Round Labels add a vintage touch to your products, while the Small 3/4-inch Round Labels are perfect for sealing and adding decorative flair. The Natural White Hemp Labels bring a touch of sophistication to sustainable branding with their Address Labels. These labels offer a perfect blend of style and functionality for those looking for something unique and eco-conscious. With Envelopes.com’s Texture Labels, let your labeling resonate with a natural, rustic charm that stands out effortlessly, leaving a lasting impression with every label.

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