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Introducing LUXPaper: a premier brand renowned for its unparalleled qualities and international allure. This distinguished brand is organized into four unique collections: LUXTextures, LUXColors, LUXBlack, and LUXGrocery Bag. The LUXTextures Collection captivates with classic designs that tantalize both sight and touch, featuring exquisite patterns like woven linen, raised canvas, polo-inspired pique, and ribbed grooves. LUXColors brings an exotic flair with its assortment of over 25 vivid hues. LUXBlack offers the epitome of elegance with its Midnight Black selection, boasting over 100 styles and sizes that embody sophistication. Meanwhile, the LUXGrocery Bag collection reimagines the traditional, offering paper and envelopes in a rustic, eco-friendly 100% Recycled, 70 lb Grocery Bag material. Each collection showcases its unique charm, yet all share the brand’s commitment to quality, with most products available in both premium 80 lb text and 100 lb cover weights to ensure lasting durability. Whether you're seeking standard or larger digital sheet sizes for extra creative freedom, LUXPaper accommodates with ease, starting from low 50 quantity minimums.

Luxury in Color

Baby Blue


Candy Pink



Holiday Green







Ruby Red





Vintage Plum



Luxury in Texture

White Linen

Natural Linen

Black Linen

Navy Linen

Sterling Gray Linen

Green Linen

Burgundy Linen

Grocery Bag

Midnight Black


Step into the world of LUXPaper, where elegance meets innovation in paper and envelope design. As the go-to destination for premium paper solutions, LUXPaper stands apart with its curated collections, each designed to breathe life into your most ambitious projects. Whether you're orchestrating the dream wedding, throwing the bash of the year, or simply in pursuit of the finest materials for your communication needs, LUXPaper presents an unparalleled selection.

Dive into the heart of LUXPaper with its four signature collections: LUXTextures, LUXColors, LUXBlack, and LUXGrocery Bag, each crafted to inspire and captivate. Looking for tactile intrigue? The LUXTextures collection brings you into a world of sensory delight with patterns that range from the understated elegance of woven linen to the bold statement of ribbed grooves. These textures promise to transform your invitations, announcements, and personal letters into tangible treasures.

For those seeking a splash of color, the LUXColors collection is your palette of over 25 dazzling hues, from the serene whispers of Baby Blue to the passionate embrace of Wisteria purple. Envelopes and papers from this collection not only serve your aesthetic ambitions but also stand as bold expressions of your unique vision.

The sophistication of LUXBlack caters to the connoisseurs of classic elegance, offering more than 100 styles and sizes in the most refined black. Ideal for galas, formal gatherings, and any event where the statement is in the subtlety, LUXBlack envelopes and papers signify a class apart.

Embrace the rustic charm of the LUXGrocery Bag collection, featuring materials that echo the beauty of simplicity and sustainability. This collection is perfect for those who value environmental consciousness without compromising on style, offering a natural, down-to-earth appeal in every piece.

At LUXPaper, we understand that the devil is in the details. That's why our products boast premium weight options—80 lb. text and 100 lb. cover—to ensure your project not only looks good but feels substantial and durable. With an extensive range of styles, colors, and weights, your search for the perfect paper and envelopes ends with LUXPaper.

Available with a minimum order of just 50, LUXPaper is committed to making luxury accessible, ensuring you have the finest materials at your fingertips for creating moments and memories that last. For inquiries or to explore our exquisite selections further, LUXPaper invites you to reach out. Discover the difference premium quality can make to your special occasions and everyday communications alike.

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