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About Us:

From our start in 1971 as Action Envelope, a Queens, NY envelope printing company, founder Ken Newman served a local clientele of about 100. Today we are; a leading ecommerce business touching millions.

For 50 years our focus has been on one thing - to provide the largest in-stock selection of sizes, styles, and colors to ensure customers find the perfect product for their unique needs. We combine this with quick shipments, quality printing and services for a top-notch customer experience.

The company experienced many changes before its huge expansion and exciting success. Upon Ken's sudden death in 1993, his wife Sharon Newman had to quickly take over the company and became one of very few women in the industry to own her own business at the time. With 3 young children, her goal was to support her family and give her son, Seth, the opportunity to join the family business as he always wanted. Seth Newman officially joined the company in 1998 and shifted the focus of the company to the internet - launching the company's first website soon after.

Today, is a leading ecommerce business offering a large in-stock selection of sizes, styles and colors to serve millions of consumers and businesses alike. Through years of ever-changing communication and technology, has remained at the top of its industry through constant innovation, product expansion and always putting customer needs first. has grown into the ecommerce collective- which includes our newest brand and will continue to grow with other new brands.

             Through the Years


At, we are always trying to keep things new, fresh and the absolute best for our customers. The homepage was updated to feature all of our popular services, and we made the product pages more convenient to allow customers access to all product sizes, styles and colors without leaving the page. 

2016 - 2017

At, we are always trying to keep things new, fresh and the absolute best for our customers. The homepage was updated to feature all of our popular services, and we made the product pages more convenient to allow customers access to all product sizes, styles and colors without leaving the page. We are also excited to now offer - Direct Mail Services - a one stop solution for your mail campaigns.

2014 - 2015 has become the leading online supplier of envelopes, paper and coverstock products. Customers can now easily purchase hard to find products such as digital sheet sizes, or made to order items. Along with unique product offerings and cutting edge services such as White Ink and Variable Data Printing, we were ecstatic to launch a brand new, user-friendly online design tool with hundreds of templates. The online designer allows customers to customize just about anything from invitations to personalized notecards.

2011 - 2013

Action Envelope became to better reflect our focus and leadership of selling Envelopes online. A newly designed page and color scheme accompanied the name change along with product and service expansion.


Our latest website release is really pushing the envelope. Sorry, we couldn't resist. It is packed with new features, and even more new products. New functions like shop by color, and shop by collection really give you a full view of our entire product line. We are also excited to offer our new custom envelope creator. Creating that perfect envelope has never been easier. Enjoy the new site, and of course let us know what we can do to make it better!

2004 - 2007

Shopping on-line became the way of business. We stocked even more sizes and window configurations. New trends in shapes, such as square envelopes, and exotic finishes, such as metallics, became important to consumers. Our customers' creativity blossomed as we offered a huge selection of papers and full color printing on envelopes.

2003 - 2004

Action Envelope became to better reflect our focus and leadership of selling Envelopes online. A newly designed page and color scheme accompanied the name change along with product and service expansion.

2011 - 2013

Action Envelope was incorporated in 1971 and operated as a local envelope printing company in the New York metropolitan area. We specialized in basic business envelopes printed in 1 or 2 colors for mailings and general office use. The advent of e-commerce opened exciting new doors, and we were able to offer our products and services nationwide.

The Unique Story behind Envelopes Excellence

Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of high-quality envelopes. Our focus has always been to deliver a versatile, durable, and top-tier product that meets all your envelope needs. From the small and simple to the large and intricate, our wide array of envelopes caters to all requirements. Not only do we provide envelopes, we prioritize quality to ensure that whatever your task may be - mailing, storing, or shaping creative ideas - it's accomplished successfully. Our rich expertise and unique product line make us a reliable partner in both your personal and professional ventures. So browse our collection today, and experience the envelopes excellence that we take such pride in.

Experience the Many Benefits of Envelope Excellence

The remarkable quality of our envelopes is something many customers benefit from on a daily basis. Besides the obvious utilitarian use of sending and storing important documents, envelopes serve an integral role in creating a positive impression for your business or personal affairs. Our premium variety of envelopes are ideal for delivering exquisite wedding invitations, critical legal documents, or promotional materials with a touch of class. These top-grade papers offer a sense of professionalism, security, and attention to detail, thereby enhancing your brand identity and personal expression. Additionally, they're eco-friendly, providing sustainability without compromising on quality. Whether you're a large enterprise, a thriving small business, or simply someone who values quality, our envelopes invite you to experience the benefits of excellence.

Practical Use Cases for Envelope Excellence

Our fine assortment of high-grade envelopes has broad applications across various arenas. Business organizations can use these envelopes for secure transmission of sensitive documents, lending an aura of professionalism and trustworthiness. For marketing departments, they offer a refined canvas for creatively designed flyers and brochures, giving an edge to their promotional strategies. Educational institutions can leverage these top-quality envelopes to send essential documents like transcripts or student admissions letters, ensuring they arrive intact and project the institution's commitment to quality. Artists and craft enthusiasts may also find these envelopes perfect for their creative projects due to their adaptability and ability to maintain their quality even under complex conditions. In essence, these versatile envelopes align with various scenarios, enhancing efficacy and image simultaneously.

Exploring Alternatives to Envelope Excellence

While Envelope Excellence is a top-tier choice for many, we understand that different needs may require different solutions. Therefore, it's essential to be aware of alternative options available in the market. Electronic communications, for example, can be considered one such alternative that provide speed and convenience, although they might lack the personal touch and tangibility of a physical envelope. There are also various types of budget envelopes available, but these could potentially compromise on quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, other specialized envelope manufacturers may offer product variations which suit particular requirements, but without the wide versatility offered by Envelope Excellence. Whichever path you choose, understanding your specific needs and the offerings of each option will help you make an informed decision.

Unlocking Added Value with Envelope Excellence

Apart from the high quality, versatility, and diversified applications, Envelope Excellence provides further value to its users including customization options, top notch customer service, and competitive pricing. We understand that personalization adds a unique touch which can be crucial for certain businesses or events. Therefore, we offer a variety of customization options, such as printing your logo, tagline, or any design of your choice on the envelope. Our commitment to customer service ensures you receive all the necessary help and guidance in choosing the right product or addressing any queries. You can also benefit from our competitive prices, and depending upon the quantity ordered, you may be eligible for attractive volume discounts. In essence, choosing Envelope Excellence not only provides you excellent products but also overall value and satisfaction.

Maximizing Value with Envelope Excellence

Whether it's the impression you make with a high-quality mailing envelope or securing important documents, Envelope Excellence is all about adding value to your everyday tasks. But it doesn't stop there - by prioritizing quality, precision, and versatility, we extend this value to countless realms including branding, personal communications, and creative expression. Our broad product range makes it seamless for any user to find an envelope that perfectly fits their needs, thereby ensuring maximum value. Moreover, our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices means you're not just investing in top-grade envelopes, but also contributing to a sustainable future. Ultimately, by choosing Envelope Excellence, you're embracing a holistic approach to correspondence, storage, and creation –- an approach that adds value to you and your recipients alike.

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