Envelope Templates

At Envelopes.com, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to upload your own design onto our envelope templates, putting creative control in your hands. Templates offer a blank canvas for your creativity where you have complete control over the design, allowing you to craft envelopes that match your vision precisely. You can incorporate logos, colors, images, and fonts, reinforcing your identity across all stationery. Using templates is often quicker than starting a design from scratch.  

Downloading a Template

Download one of our free templates and use it to create your own custom design using the software of your choice. 

Select an Envelope to Customize

Shop our collection of custom printed envelopes where you are sure to find the perfect match.

Select a quantity.

Click "Add Printing".

Expand the section "Download Template (Advanced)".

Click "Download Template".


Your browser may prompt you to allow the download of multiple files.

If this occurs, you must click "Allow" to download all 3 files. 

Creating Your Design

From your template download, you should now have 3 files on your computer; an appropriately sized blank copy of the front of the template, an appropriately sized blank copy of the back of the template, and a zip file containing the same front/back files with guidelines that can be used to aid you in the design process.  

List of Files Downloaded/Blank Files

Use the blank files if you do not need the print guide lines to aid you in your design process.

Zip File Contents/Detailed Files

Use the detailed files if you need the print guidelines to aid you in your design process.

Using the Blank Template Files

Open the blank version of the front and back files in the design software of your choice.  

Add your custom design. 

Save each file as a PDF, JPEG, SVG, EPS, or PNG.  These are the only file types that will be supported for uploading.  

Using the Detailed Template Files

Open the detailed version of the front and back files in the design software of your choice.  

  • The outer black line is the die line that indicates the outline of the envelope and the inner dashed blue line is the safety line.
  • All text and images should be kept inside the safety line to ensure that none of this content is cut off when printed.  
  • If your design should go all the way to the edges, extend your design to the full bleed outside of the die line, all the way to the edge of the artboard or canvas to prevent white edges when printed.  

Add your custom design using these lines as a guide for your design.. 

IMPORTANT: Before saving your files, you must hide the guide layers.  If you do not hide the guide layers, they will be printed as part of your design.  

Save each file as a PDF, JPEG, SVG, EPS, or PNG.  These are the only file types that will be supported for uploading.  

Uploading Your Design

Once you have created and saved your completed design, you are now ready to upload the files to the website.  

Upload the Front Design

Click the Upload Front Design button and select your file from the file browser window.  

Verify that your design loads on the canvas, and adjust as needed.

Upload the Back Design

Click the Upload Back Design button and select your file from the file browser window.  

Verify that your design loads on the canvas, and adjust as needed.

When you are satisfied with your placement, click the Review button at the top, or the Review & Add to Cart Button at the bottom.  

Review your custom design, add it to your cart, and checkout!

Custom Envelopes for Everyone

The Custom Design Printing platform is the ultimate tool to turn your creative dreams into reality. With its unparalleled flexibility, you can effortlessly upload your own artwork, images, and logos, or even create a masterpiece from scratch using its advanced features. This platform is designed to give you complete control over your designs, allowing you to create something truly unique to you. Plus, with the added convenience of revisiting past designs from previous orders, the platform is a game-changer in the world of custom printing. 


One of the recent updates is the inclusion of the Recipient Address Service, which is the most sought-after feature in the market for envelopes and invitations. This service eliminates the tedious task of manually addressing envelopes and provides customers with the flexibility to effortlessly include both the recipient and return addresses.


Trust us, the power of Custom Design Printing is unmatched, and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Custom Envelopes for Branding

Custom envelopes ensure that every piece of mail you send aligns with your brand identity. Don't just stop at the logo. Use the envelope to showcase other key brand elements, such as your tagline, website URL, or a brief brand message. This reinforces your brand identity and message. With our Recipient Addressing tool, you can print your company's return address on the envelopes or personalize each envelope with the recipient's name which increases the likelihood of your mail being opened. Custom Designer Tool can be used for creative envelopes that can be used for product launches, holidays, milestone celebrations, marketing messages, or calls-to-action. A professional, branded envelope created with our tool can enhance trust in your brand communications as recipients are more likely to take your message seriously when it arrives in a well-designed envelope.

Custom Envelopes for Special Moments

When it comes to commemorating those unforgettable moments in life, our custom-designed envelopes add a touch of magic. Whether you're celebrating a milestone like Graduation, Retirement, Reunions, or Birthdays or expressing your love on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, or sharing exciting news like Wedding, Baby Shower, Housewarming, Engagement, or Pregnancy News. Share the festive spirit with holiday cards and greetings enclosed in envelopes tailored to the season, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year's. 

While individuals celebrate personal milestones, as an organization you can have your own set of special moments. Custom envelopes can make your special moments even more memorable! Some significant moments can range from Employee Appreciation Days, Anniversaries, Product Launches, Awards and Recognitions, Fundraising and Charity Initiatives, Rebranding and Logo Unveiling, Quarterly or Yearly Reviews, or expressing gratitude to loyal customers through special offers, discounts, or customer appreciation events.
With our custom-designed envelopes, you can capture the essence of the moment and set the stage for what's inside.

Custom Envelopes under Budget

At Envelopes.com, we understand the importance of quality while keeping costs in check. We offer affordable custom-designed and printed envelopes that not only meet your budget but also make a lasting impression. Save more when you order envelopes in bulk. Our volume discounts ensure you get the best value for your money, whether you need a small or large quantity. Take advantage of our user-friendly online design tools that allow you to create custom designs without the need for expensive graphic designers. Despite our cost-effective options, we maintain strict quality standards to ensure your envelopes look professional and impressive.

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